1st Six Weeks:  9-25
2nd Six Weeks: 11-6
3rd Six weeks: 1-8
4th Six Weeks: 2-20
5th Six Weeks:  4-3
6th Six Weeks:  5-23
Parents:  If you do not receive your child's report card, please contact the school (575) 445-9881.
Today, 7/24/2014
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Tomorrow, 7/25/2014
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Daily Announcements

Congratulations Mrs. Malano on your well-deserved retirement!
21 years of dedicated service!

Thank you,
Raton Middle School Staff

Teacher Appreciation Week May 5-9
Teachers at Raton Middle School received "goodies" throughout the week. The Student Council arranged an assembly on Friday honoring all the teachers. Appreciation cards with donations from Supersave and Raton Ford were given to the teachers. 

Thank you, teachers for all you do!

Young Marines

The Young Marines graduation ceremony was held on Saturday, March 29, 2014. Four Middle School Students received accommodations. They were Matthew Duran, Brandon Decker, Johnny Gentry and Zoe Gomez. Congratulations Students!

GeoBee 2014 Results 

3rd Place Sydni Silva
2nd Place Nicholas Preston
1st Place Daniel Morales

Congratulations on a job well-done!

Raton Middle School 
2014 GeoBee Winner

Daniel Morales will represent
RMS in the state finals!

Way to go, Daniel!

Kristie Medina

Raton Middle School was built in 1939. The band hall addition was completed in 1970.

Raton Middle School Mission Statement

The mission of Raton Middle School is to provide opportunities for students to succeed academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

Raton Middle School Vision Statement


Raton Middle School’s vision for the future is a learning environment that both challenges and meets the unique needs of each student.

Principal's Message

Welcome to Raton Middle School home of the Tigers!  Raton Middle School is a high achieving middle school that is dedicated to academic excellence.  As the Principal of RMS, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how excited and honored I am to be at a school, and in a district where commitment to excellence is the norm.  The entire staff here works collaboratively to provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment that through respect and communication value individual differences.

We will provide a rigorous curriculum, and offer multiple opportunities for students to be successful.  Classroom time is devoted to learning, and instructional minutes are used wisely.  A variety of teaching strategies are used to engage student interest, and address the unique learning style of each student; this supports a deeper understanding of the curriculum.  We are proud of the comprehensive middle school programs we offer and look to continue to offer more.  Whether students are interested in athletics, the arts, technology, leadership, or academics, they will find an outlet for their talents.  Programs are available to ensure that students’ interests are expanded, and they are exposed to new and exciting experiences.  We are here to meet the needs of all students academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.  Every adult on campus is committed to ensuring all students feel safe and succeed academically.

On behalf of teachers and support staff, we welcome you to Raton Middle School.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email if you need any additional information or have questions about Raton Middle School!


Kristie Medina

“Children make your life important.”

 ~Erma Bombeck


Inclimate Weather

A message from the Superintendent

The rationale that the superintendent uses for determining whether schools should close or start late for inclement weather is the following:

The superintendent first checks with the Transportation to see if the bus drivers feel it is safe to drive in icy or snowy conditions.

If the school facilities are warm and the plumbing is working then school is conducted at regular hours. Teachers will be at school at 7:30 AM and principals a little earlier.

It is the parent’s decision to decide whether it is safe for their individual circumstances to allow their child to stand at a bus stop. Some are too young and some families cannot provide the cold weather clothing that is required. In those cases a parent should not put their child in danger.  The district does not count tardies or absences for PreK- 5th as unexcused when this happens but we do expect a call from the parent.

If you are dropping your child off at school please do so safely and make sure your child is inside the building or in the presence of duty staff before leaving.

The bottom line is that the superintendent decides whether school will open or not; and the parents decide (based on their individual circumstances) whether their child will come and at what time.  Most of my experience with schools has been with Northern Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota and this procedure works well.

Late starts will be rare and will be announced via local media (KRTN, KCRT, KOAT TV, KOBT TV and KRQE). It is usually no warmer at 9:00 that it is at 7:00.

The School Athletic Directors or the RMS/RHS principals will call KRTN when an athletic event is cancelled. You may also call either one of those schools.

Again, when or if a child comes in is up to the parents. We are open for business for all families who can get their child to school at the regular time; which is most of the parents. Hope this helps.


M. Neil Terhune


Raton Middle School
Student Expectations

Please open and review that attachment below

2013_14 RMS Student Handbook.pdf
Our challenge and goal for this year:

Operation "A" School

Objectives for a successful operation:
  1. Respect; keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. Use polite words and language.
  2. Do your work

What is Perfect Attendance?

The “Perfect Attendance” guidelines for Raton Middle School are as follows:


  • No absences other than school related functions (i.e. sport events, FCCLA, etc.).
  • Students with excused absences such as doctor appointments, etc. will be excused; however, will NOT meet our school guidelines for perfect attendance.

Upcoming Events

Monday, August 11
Regular Board of Education Meeting @RHS Krivokapich Media Center
5:30 PM
Wed, Aug 20 - Fri, Aug 22
Teacher In-Service
Mon, Aug 25 - Tue, Aug 26
Tuesday, August 26
Jump Starts for all Schools
  8am- 6th grade RMS 
  9am- 7th grade RMS
10am- Columbian
11am- 8th grade RMS
12:30pm- Kearny
  2pm- RHS
  2pm- Longfellow
Wednesday, August 27