Today, 9/3/2015
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25% chance of precipitation.
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Daily Announcements

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 2014-2015 school year!  I hope that the summer months have provided you with some rest, relaxation, and an opportunity to rejuvenate.  Welcome Back Students!

All of us at Raton Middle School look forward to seeing our students.  The beginning of each school year is a time filled with great anticipation of what is to come.  We are committed to innovative programming to foster a teaching and learning community where instruction is student-centered, project based and connected to real world experiences.  We believe in Being Dependable, Being Prepared, Being Respectful, Being an Example, and Having Pride in our school community will help provide the framework for individual and school success.

There’s a lot of excitement ahead of us this year, including:

Informational packets have been mailed to all students.  Please fill out the enclosed forms and bring them with you to Jump Start.  These enrollment packets must be filled out prior to your child receiving their class schedule during your designated Jump Start time.  Packets will also be available in the school office and during Jump Start.

Jump Start is mandatory for all students/parents/guardians on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014.  8:00 a.m. for 6th grade, 9:00 a.m. for 7th grade, and 11:00 a.m. for 8th grade. 

First day of school for 6th grade students is on Wednesday, August 27th- (6th grade only)

First day of school for ALL grades is Thursday, August 28th-(6th, 7th, & 8th grades)

Thank you for your commitment to your child’s education and I look forward to seeing you at our school.


Educationally Yours,


Kristie L. Medina

Raton Middle School Principal

A list of supplies is provided of items needed for the 2014-2015 school year!

School Supply List 2014-2015.docx

H E A L T H      R e l a t e d

Hundreds of children across the United States have been hospitalized with a serious respiratory illness. Scientists say they believe the bug to blame is Enterovirus D68, also known as EV-D68.

Enteroviruses are common, especially in September, but this particular type is not. There have been fewer than 100 cases recorded since it was identified in the 1960s, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here’s what you need to know as a parent:

What are the symptoms?

The virus usually starts like the common cold; symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose and a cough. This is all that happens for most people who catch an enterovirus.

But some patients will get a severe cough, have difficulty breathing and/or develop a rash. EV-D68 is sometimes also accompanied by a fever or wheezing.

So when should you begin worrying?

Unfortunately in the beginning it’s difficult — if not impossible — to tell the difference between a regular cold and this type of virus. But there are symptoms you should be on the lookout for if your child becomes sick.

Go to the doctor if he or she develops a fever or a rash, or if your child has difficulty breathing. Children with asthma or a history of breathing problems are particularly susceptible for severe symptoms.

Where is the virus spreading?

As of Monday, 10 states had reached out to the CDC for help in identifying clusters of enterovirus illnesses: Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky.

But EV-D68 is often hard to distinguish from its relatives so the virus could be in other states as well.

Why are kids being hospitalized?

Anyone can get infected with enteroviruses, according to the CDC, but infants, children and teens are more likely to become sick because they have not yet built up immunity from previous exposures to the viruses.

How do I protect my children?

The respiratory illness spreads through close contact, just like the common cold. You can also be infected by touching objects or surfaces that have the virus on them, then touching your face.

There’s not a great deal you can do, health officials say, beyond taking common-sense steps to reduce the risk.

Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds — particularly after going to the bathroom and changing diapers.

Clean and disinfect surfaces that are regularly touched by different people, such as toys and doorknobs.

Avoid shaking hands, kissing, hugging and sharing cups or eating utensils with people who are sick. And stay home if you feel unwell.

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This Saturday, September 13, 2014 the results were:

JV team   Game 1     Raton Tigers 25          Memorial  22                     Game 2  Raton Tigers 25   Memorial  11

Varsity     Game 1     Raton Tigers 25          Memorial   8                      Game 2 Raton Tigers 25    Memorial  5

Last week

JV team      Game 1   Raton    13    Trinidad 25                                 Game 2  Raton Tigers 17  Trinidad 25

C Team Game Raton 25  Trinidad 16

Varsity        Game 1     Raton 22 Trinidad 25                                     Game 2 Raton Tigers 25    Trinidad 1
                   Game 3 Raton 15 Trinidad  11

Inclimate Weather

A message from the Superintendent

The rationale that the superintendent uses for determining whether schools should close or start late for inclement weather is the following:

The superintendent first checks with the Transportation to see if the bus drivers feel it is safe to drive in icy or snowy conditions.

If the school facilities are warm and the plumbing is working then school is conducted at regular hours. Teachers will be at school at 7:30 AM and principals a little earlier.

It is the parent’s decision to decide whether it is safe for their individual circumstances to allow their child to stand at a bus stop. Some are too young and some families cannot provide the cold weather clothing that is required. In those cases a parent should not put their child in danger.  The district does not count tardies or absences for PreK- 5th as unexcused when this happens but we do expect a call from the parent.

If you are dropping your child off at school please do so safely and make sure your child is inside the building or in the presence of duty staff before leaving.

The bottom line is that the superintendent decides whether school will open or not; and the parents decide (based on their individual circumstances) whether their child will come and at what time.  Most of my experience with schools has been with Northern Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota and this procedure works well.

Late starts will be rare and will be announced via local media (KRTN, KCRT, KOAT TV, KOBT TV and KRQE). It is usually no warmer at 9:00 that it is at 7:00.

The School Athletic Directors or the RMS/RHS principals will call KRTN when an athletic event is cancelled. You may also call either one of those schools.

Again, when or if a child comes in is up to the parents. We are open for business for all families who can get their child to school at the regular time; which is most of the parents. Hope this helps.


M. Neil Terhune


Upcoming Events

Friday, September 4
for Students or Staff
Monday, September 7
LABOR DAY- No School
Monday, September 21
Regular Board of Education Meeting @RHS Krivokapich Media Center
6:00 PM
Friday, September 25
Saturday, September 26